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About Oxytek Corp.

Founded in 2015, located in Taichung, Taiwan.We are one of the world-wide specialists in oxygen systems for medical, homecare, healthcare device company. Not only creating a new generation of oxygen production technology every year but also thinking about more solutions for patients' needs.We insist on providing best quality products and satisfactory after-service.

' s醫生的任命

Our Comparative Advantage

OXTM's mission is to accompany with our customers, including one-on-one customized and innovative consulting services, professional counseling and consulting mechanisms, and assistance in product promotion...


Innovative&    Functional

Competitive price and high quality product.


Free Consultations

Online inquiry for Q&A

Award Winning Service

Comprehensive after-sales service.


Licensed &Insured


CE 2460 and ISO 13485.


Our Quality Guarantee

We will continuously strive to delight our customers with outstanding Quality of our products and services.

In our endeavour to achieve this objective, we will;

  • Maintain & improve standards of manufacturing.

  • Establish a “Total Quality” framework to continually improve the quality Management System and realise challenging Quality objectives.

  • Record and control the change points at each stage.

  • Prevent defect outflow to next process, and feedback to previous process for enhanced Quality Assurance.

  • Strengthen supply chain by effective traceability system.

We believe that our future lies in the hands of our valued customers.

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