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Saturn Series OX-5C (5 LPM)

Updated: Apr 2

Oxygen concentrator Description:

  • Ultra silent

  • Lightweight: 13 kg

  • 1-5 liters purity for all flow at 93% ±3

  • Medical grade for household

  • ISO & CE approved


• Reliable and safe. High efficiency.
• Easy-to-read digital hour meter display.
• Safety Auto shutdown for power surges, high and low pressure, high temperature, and low oxygen concentration.
• Heat protection to ensure safety of the compressor and concentrator.
• Unit comes standard with oxygen purity and low flow rate indicators.


The home unit oxygen concentrator provide a flow rate of 1–5 LPM.There are alarms for low oxygen purity, low pressure, power outages, and incorrect information shown on the LCD screen.It has built-in nebulizer and warning sensors for high and low voltage. It is simple to deliver, store, and move the concentrator.


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